Music Quiz: Aircraft on Album Covers

We had lots of full scores in last week’s relatively easy quiz – congrats to Rich, Tony, jprobichaud, Chris, J., Bruce, introgroove, Geoff, and 2loud2oldmusic, who all scored 20/20 last week.

This week’s quiz requires you to identify album covers with aircraft on them.

I scored 15/15, but I had a few lucky guesses at the end. Can you join me on full marks?

If you enjoyed the quiz, it reminded me of Bruce’s thematic album cover posts – check out


      1. Exactly. I’m getting smarter though. When I hit ones I don’t know, I hit Next. Then when I get to the end I’ve answered all the obvious ones already so it’s really only two or three choices to make!

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      1. Interesting timing. As you saw, the ‘guitars’ album cover post was the first of that kind for ages. And I was also wondering about another album cover quiz. Must be a couple of years since the last one, and now Geoff’s 1001 quizzes have trained as all into simply entering our score it should be even simpler to run.

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