The Velvet Underground and Nico

Music Quiz: Complete the Band Name with a Picture


  1. That was fun but a little too easy. 20/20 for me with 3:05 left on the clock.

  2. 20/20 here. That was a fun one

  3. 19/20 and the one I missed I shoulda known!

  4. 19/20. But it’s odd as I don’t remember ever being asked the Warhol one. It just ended.

  5. 20/20. Of those, Grand Funk Railway was the only group I didn’t know

  6. 20/20 this time. Definitely an easier one, but a lot of fun.

  7. High fives (times four) all round! Fun.

  8. I redeemed myself this week. 20/20.

  9. It’s a pleasure to match scores with you again this week!

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