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Music Quiz: First Line of Songs

I think last week’s Beatles quiz had a record number of entirely correct entries – well done Chris, introgroove, Geoff, Rich, Jim, and Bruce who all scored 100%.

I for one found this week’s quiz a lot tougher – it’s another lyric quiz, but this time you need to match the word to the first line of a song.

I found it surprisingly tough, scoring 14/20. I’m sure my score is pregnable (that’s the opposite of impregnable, right?) Have at it, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. Ooh, that was a tough one, although I’m proud of my 18/20 score with about 2 minutes left. I should have stuck with it a little longer before guessing incorrectly on the last two. Considering I started 18/18 I was in good shape for a perfect score. I’m confident my score will be surpassed and curious to see who does.

  2. Not me. 16/20. I was going good for a while. Who the hell knows the first line of Sweet Child ‘o mine? Can’t understand a word he’s saying!

  3. Started well then fell in a heap. Half a dozen of the songs I’d never heard of, let alone heard! So 13 was OK, even though I’m right pissed that I didn’t get Brown Eyed Girl.

  4. 19/20 – failed on Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow… for the life of me I couldn’t think of the song until well after the fact

  5. Yeah, that one got me. I know the songs but got into the trap of trying to hear all the lyrics in my head until I got it. Not even going to admit my score. 🙁

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