Music Quiz: Which Band Released Which Songs?

Last week’s unusual quiz format threw a few people, and we had a lot less entries than usual. Congratulations to Geoff and Aaron who were able to figure the format out, correctly guess the first three songs from U2’s The Joshua Tree, and score 100%.

Since last week’s was a little confusing, I’ve gone with a much simpler format this week. Simply look at the list of songs, and guess which band recorded them – it’s multi-choice, so no grappling with difficult spelling.

I scored 19/20. Can you score full marks and beat me?


  1. 15/20. The ones I got wrong I’ve never listened to so I’m content with that score.

    Admit I gave up on last week’s tricky quiz. I tip my hat to those who figured it out!

  2. 18/20 – foiled by some of the girl bands!

  3. For some reason I missed last week’s quiz and it sounds like that was a good thing. This week, with a couple of educated guesses, I got 20/20 with 3:21 remaining. Feeling very proud of myself right now.

  4. I think we often end up tied – this week was no exception!

  5. I got 18/20, and neither of my wrong answers were close. Just guesses!

  6. 18/20. Those last two were just blind stabs in the dark.

  7. 17/20 confused by the girl bands, first try though at the quiz.

  8. 18/20. Like Scott, some of these have never sundered my ears (thank heavens). Still, some lucky guesses!

  9. I didn’t do too hot. I got 16/20. Better luck next time.

  10. Oooft. There were a few in there that threw me, but I got 16. That’s awrite, innit.

  11. It said I got 90%. What would that be? 18/20? I’m not good at math.

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