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Music Quiz: Metallica or The Wiggles?

Last week’s history quiz produced a wide range of scores, but congratulation to the three  players who were all tied on 23/25 – boppin, Jim, and Tony.

This week’s quiz requires you to tell Sporcle if a song was recorded by heavy metal behemoths Metallica or Australian children’s band The Wiggles. Most of the answers are obvious, but a few are surprisingly tricky.

I scored 48/50 – I think it will be easy to get a high score, but difficult to get a perfect score.

I know most of you probably haven’t felt the cultural impact of The Wiggles, but they’re huge in Australia and New Zealand. There was a backlash from older fans a few  years ago when most of the band retired and were replaced by younger musicians, but I really like the new Purple Wiggle Lachy. Here’s his take on Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Thunder Road’:


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  1. 49/50 on this one since I decided to blow through it quickly without thinking much about it. Not sure how I got that one song “Trapped Under Ice” wrong. Considering I wrote a multi-part series on the Metallica discography, I really should have gotten a perfect score, but I’ll take 98%. This was a particularly fun (and silly) quiz. Thanks for sharing.

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    • I’m actually not a big Metallica guy, and I’m more familiar with The Wiggles. I have been trying to catch up on Metallica’s 1980s stuff which I’m liking, but I’m pretty unfamiliar after that. When I became interested in music, they were past their best, and I generally wrote them off as lame.

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      • I never really cared about Metallica when they were in their creative & commercial prime, but I eventually went back & explored their entire discography, which is filled with hits & misses in equal measure. Most of the artist series I’ve written have been about the lesser-played artists in my collection and they were no exception. After a month immersed in their music I was worn out, and I might still be recovering. The first 4-5 albums are still pretty amazing, whenever I’m in the mood for them.

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