Music Quiz – Greatest Hits

Congratulations to Tony and to 2Loud2OldMusic, who both scored full marks in last week’s debut album quiz.

This week we’re looking at the other end of artists’ careers – the compilation. Can you name the artists that released iconically titled compilations. In a piece of related trivia, I learned today that The Fall’s 50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong has sold 48,700 copies.

I scored 20/20 – can you also score full marks?


  1. 15/20. Argh. There were two I should have gotten, the rest, forget it.

  2. 19/20- never heard of the fella who wants meeting in Margaritaville

  3. 19/20 for me. The one I couldn’t remember is an artist I like a lot and I own that compilation. Guess I needed to be in a pink house when I took this quiz.

    • I actually did this quiz 6 months ago and added it to my list. I don’t think I would have got that one right 6 months later – was obviously in my short term memory at the time.

  4. 15/20 – In Ontario, that’s the provincial standard, and on a category that’s ineligible (comps) on the 1001 list, I’ll take it!

  5. Oh dear… I got 13. I could maybe have gotten one more, but no way I was scoring anything more than 14!

  6. As usual, I didn’t come close to winning the battle. I’m satisfied with 13/20, the competition are more knowledgeable, and I didn’t know the greatest hits I missed. Adding Joy to the World: Their Greatest Hits to my list!

  7. First time for a while I’ve been willing to offer a score: 17.
    A little faith might have helped.

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