Music Quiz: Eat To The Beat

Congratulations to Geoff and Tony, who both scored a perfect 22/22 in last week’s quiz.

For this week, you need to pick out the real food-named musical artists out from the fake ones.

The best part of the quiz was the decoy answers. I’m embarrassed about my wrong answer; I selected country singer “Bob Barley”. Hence I scored 39/40.

Can you score a perfect 40? Let me know.

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  1. Hooray for me…40/40 with 0:46 left on the clock. Perfect timing with the image in this post as I’ve been listening to Blondie during my workouts & commutes this week. Eat To The Beat was the first album of theirs I owned, shortly after it was released, and it’s still a favorite all these years later.

  2. 28/40. Probably the best I could have done since I had never heard of the remaining 12 correct answers. Fun quiz, those fake ones are pretty funny 🙂

      • I prob could have guessed a few more than I did. Haven’t really done many of these quizes before, expect to improve as I get the hang of it. I’m a Brit now living in Denmark

  3. 40/40 with just under two minutes on the timer. If some of these aren’t tribute bands already some tricks are being missed

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