Weekly Music Quiz – A Picture Is Worth Two Words


  1. I got 20 and two “of course” moments when the answers were revealed.

  2. 22 – though admittedly, I didn’t actually know several of the songs, just deduced the name based on the pictures!

  3. I got 19, and the ones I got wrong were still “…I dunno, OK?” Haha I’m not up on all this new fangled music the kids are into!

  4. 20. Deduction, often. I particularly liked the La Belle song.

  5. 17/22. The Nicholson answer made me LOL.

  6. Tough one this week. Only got 18/22. Had those fairly quickly & then scratched my head on the others until finally giving up.

  7. 22. For some reason the first had me stuck and swearing for ages until it clicked.

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