Dire Straits Money for Nothing

Music Quiz – Sultans of Swing

Congratulations to Aaron and Tony, who both demonstrated a wide spectrum of knowledge of stars, cars, and bars last week.

After the broad array of subject matter needed to success last week, this week’s quiz focuses in on one specific song. Can you fill in the missing lyrics to Dire Straits’ ‘Sultans of Swing’.


You’d think that I’d excel at this, as I hear this song most weeks, performed by buskers at the produce market. But I only scored 61/70, and I realised that it’s not actually “Guitar John”. I did a little research, and the guitarist who’s referenced is reportedly the guitarist for The Easybeats, and sibling of AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus Young, who passed away last week.


  1. I thought I was gonna nail this one. Of all the songs that probably sit at the top of my mental Last FM as it were this is up there thanks to hearing it so much as a child and on the radio ever since. I stumbled on the penultimate verse though so…. 64/70.
    Great quiz though, love this format

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