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Weekly Music Quiz – Name the Album by its First Three Songs

Congratulations to Rich and Geoff who both scored perfect 40/40s in last week’s stressful, fast quiz.

This week’s is a little more relaxing; name the album from its first three songs. There’s a nice eclectic mix of genres and eras within the popular music spectrum.

I scored 20 in 1 minute and 43 seconds – can you beat my time?


    • I’ve only reviewed 2/20 albums on my blog so far, and there are some I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole, but I knew enough to get the last few down to educated guesses.

    • Sometimes it takes a bit of luck at the end. I think the two I had left were Motley Crue and Barenaked Ladies, so it was pretty obvious which titles belonged to the pop group and which belonged to the glam-metal group.

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