Weekly Music Quiz: Tom Petty Song Titles


  1. Argh. 33/40. Sorry, Tom. Good quiz.

  2. I liked this one but sucked at it. Only 30 before time ran out.

  3. Timely, sadly, but I won’t even try.

  4. 40/40 with 03:59 on the timer. I suppose listening to TP over the last few days is a good advantage on this one

  5. I got 30 before the timer ran out. Not bad, given I don’t know much about Tom Petty when compared to some other artists. He will be missed. He was producing great music until his final days.

    • Good effort – thanks for joining in. I’m actually unfamiliar with his stuff from the last 20 years but I know it’s got fans. Actually, I’ve only heard three of his albums in their entirety – I’m generally reliant on that 2 disc Anthology, which is excellent.

      • I personally think that Echo and Hypnotic Eye were great late-day records!

        I also only knew a few select songs of his until this year when I decided to go through his entire discography. As a sad coincidence, I got to the end of it about two or three months ago.

  6. RIP, Mr. Petty. A truly heartbreaking loss for the music world. Sadly, I only got 39/40 on this quiz. 🙁

    • You’re currently second on the leader-board, which is a good effort. I haven’t heard anything he’s done for 20 years, but I was recently enjoying live clips on Youtube – seems like they were still a really good live band.

      • For recent Petty, you’ll be well-served checking out the two albums he did with the reunited Mudcrutch. The first album is particularly great. They included two members of The Heartbreakers (Campbell & Tench) so it’s not far removed from his “day job” but they did have their own unique sound.

  7. 30 for me. Don’t know enough of his stuff, I’m afraid. Rely heavily on a compilation and Hypnotic Eye for my Petty fix.

  8. Ach, 26/40. I know his songs more than I know the titles! Well done on your perfect score, though!

  9. 24 for me, still quite liked the quiz though

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