Weekly Music Quiz: Tom Petty Song Titles

We had a lot of 20/20s last week – apologies if I’ve missed anyone, but congratulations to Rich, Jim, Geoff, Cristian, Tony, and Aaron, who all filed perfect scores.

Sadly, we lost Tom Petty this week. This week’s quiz is about how good you are at linking his song titles.


I scored a sassy 40/40, can anyone equal me?

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  1. I got 30 before the timer ran out. Not bad, given I don’t know much about Tom Petty when compared to some other artists. He will be missed. He was producing great music until his final days.

    • Good effort – thanks for joining in. I’m actually unfamiliar with his stuff from the last 20 years but I know it’s got fans. Actually, I’ve only heard three of his albums in their entirety – I’m generally reliant on that 2 disc Anthology, which is excellent.

      • I personally think that Echo and Hypnotic Eye were great late-day records!

        I also only knew a few select songs of his until this year when I decided to go through his entire discography. As a sad coincidence, I got to the end of it about two or three months ago.

    • You’re currently second on the leader-board, which is a good effort. I haven’t heard anything he’s done for 20 years, but I was recently enjoying live clips on Youtube – seems like they were still a really good live band.

      • For recent Petty, you’ll be well-served checking out the two albums he did with the reunited Mudcrutch. The first album is particularly great. They included two members of The Heartbreakers (Campbell & Tench) so it’s not far removed from his “day job” but they did have their own unique sound.

  2. 30 for me. Don’t know enough of his stuff, I’m afraid. Rely heavily on a compilation and Hypnotic Eye for my Petty fix.

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