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Weekly Music Quiz – Make the Band Name

We had a horde of 20/20s last week – congratulations to Jim, Geoff (who to be fair, had more important achievements this week), Bruce, Rich, and Aaron, who all made the perfect score.

Today’s quiz is a little like a crossword – you need to solve a couple of clues, and join them to make a band name.


I scored 18/20, and I’m sure there are some Clever Clogs out there who can better my score.


      1. As far as knowing or speaking Spanish in America, it all depends on where you are. Big country. So, Florida, Texas, California, etc. yes. NYC has a large Hispanic population. And so a lot of high school kids there study it as a second language. But in other places, like the further north in New England you go, nada. I speak no Spanish but the expression ‘que pasa’ is familiar to me. .

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  1. 20/20 for me! The Dean Martin one really threw me because I kept thinking of another song and then I couldn’t think past that – until by miracle I did! Not much time on the clock but I’ll take the result. 🙂

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