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Two Word Album Titles by Image

Congratulations to Tony (, who scored an imperious 20/20 on the song by two word hint quiz.

This week Sporcle gives you the album cover of an album with two words, and you name it. I scored a perfect 24 (although I certainly self-doubted my Kiss knowledge), but can you match it?


  1. 14/24. How the hell did you get 24? I didn’t recognize half of them and the ones I did, no clue. I should, though, have gotten the Elvis Costello and Bowie ones.

  2. I never thought I would be able to match your perfect score but I, too, got 24/24…with 3:41 remaining on the clock. Not sure how I knew a couple of them, but I’ll proudly strut around for a few minutes like a peacock with diverse musical tastes.

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