Beggars Banquet The Rolling Stones

Weekly Music Quiz – Missing Food and Drink

Congratulations to Geoff ( and Jim ( who both scored 18/20 last week.

This week’s challenge is to insert the missing food or drink:

I don’t think it’s super tricky, but it’s pretty and covers lots of musical ground.


  1. 17/20. I know almost zero rap songs so those are always wild guesses. At least I’m back in the game. There was at least one week where i wasn’t even sure what the question was.

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      1. I guess you either get rap/hip hop or you don’t. I added a hip hop station to my presets on satellite. Some of it’s not bad. But I’ll never be in a position to name a song or artist.

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        1. Yeah, there’s definitely good hip hop out there. To be honest, it does make up a pretty small proportion of my listening, but I do like it.


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