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Weekly Music Quiz – Classic Rock Songs in Other Words

Congratulations to J (https://resurrectionsongs.wordpress.com/) who scored 20/20 in 1:42 on naming rock albums from the 1990s. Rich and Geoff also scored perfect marks, but not quite so quickly.

This week’s challenge is to name the classic rock song in other words:

I scored 17/20, which I’m sure that someone here can beat.

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  1. I got 18 (missed supernatural & every minute of the day clues) – though I maybe only should have gotten 17, they accepted my guess of ‘witchy woman’ for the ‘female dark arts’ song!

  2. 18/20. I missed the ‘supernatural being’ and ‘cake baked in US’ both of which I should have gotten. I was just listening to the supernatural one YESTERDAY as it’s going to be part of an upcoming post.

  3. 13 before the time was up. Looking at the answers, I would maybe have gotten another two if I had a few minutes more. But that was a tough one.

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