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Weekly Music Quiz – Classic Rock Songs in Other Words


  1. I got 13/20. That one was tougher!

  2. I got 18 (missed supernatural & every minute of the day clues) – though I maybe only should have gotten 17, they accepted my guess of ‘witchy woman’ for the ‘female dark arts’ song!

  3. 16 for me. Can’t believe I didn’t get the first one!

  4. 18/20. I missed the ‘supernatural being’ and ‘cake baked in US’ both of which I should have gotten. I was just listening to the supernatural one YESTERDAY as it’s going to be part of an upcoming post.

  5. 13 before the time was up. Looking at the answers, I would maybe have gotten another two if I had a few minutes more. But that was a tough one.

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