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Music Quiz – Name the 1990’s Album from the Back Cover

Congratulations to Stephen1001 ( for scoring 19/20 in last week’s music quiz, and nailing the very cryptic clue for ‘Dear Prudence’.

This week’s game is simple – name the album from the back cover. The artist name is also acceptable.

I don’t think fans of 1990’s music will find it particularly challenging, so you might want to shoot for the fastest time. I completed it in 1 minute and 12 seconds – can you beat that?


Graham Fyfe is probably the only music blogger to appreciate Neil Diamond and Ariana Grande. Aphoristic Album Reviews features reviews and blog posts across a growing spectrum of popular music.


  1. I can’t compete with that time – couldn’t remember the name of The Cranberries album. And then I typed in cranberries and it gave me the points, I foolishly didn’t read that artist name was also acceptable.
    Another fun quiz!

      • Other than the Kinks and Queen, all the 70s ones sit somewhere (CD or LP) on the VC shelves. Probably only a handful of the 90s ones though. Your result, given only owning 6, is very impressive!
        Might have a crack at the 80s…

        • My generation’s music though – some my sister owned, or my friends played. I’m not a big fan of 1990’s guitar rock though. The only bands I strongly care about on the quiz are Radiohead, R.E.M. (and that’s album’s not a favourite), and The Smashing Pumpkins – others like Pearl Jam and Weezer are fine but not personal favourites.

        • One problem I think 1990’s albums have is that with the advent of the CD as the dominant format, they started making 60 minute albums instead of 40 minute albums.

  2. I’m not a 90s guy. Well, I love tons of albums & bands from that era, but the majority weren’t big sellers. So with that in mind, I’m proud to say I scored 20/20. Got the last one with 7 seconds to spare. I’m glad they accepted artist or album title. Otherwise my score would have been much lower.

    • It is a pretty narrow spectrum – I guess it says on the cover it’s nineties rock, but my 1990’s rock would include stuff that’s a bit more obscure, like Guided By Voices, The Flaming Lips, and Pavement, and I’m sure yours would be different again (any recommendations?). Plus rock music wasn’t necessarily the dominant musical paradigm of the decade, as hip hop and electronic music became more significant. The list could use some women as well.

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