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Weekly Music Quiz – Babelfish Beatles

Welcome to this week’s Music Quiz, the 11th in this series. Congratulations to Rich of for his perfect score last week.

This week a bunch of Beatles’ song titles have been translated through Babelfish with some unusual results – can you figure out the original song titles? It’s nice to see a few obscure titles in there alongside the obvious ones.

I scored 18/20 – can you better my score? Comments below.


  1. As a huge Beatles fan, this was fun, though my score was a bit dismal (12 out of 20). Oh, well, next time maybe I should play in the morning with a fresh brain rather than after work in the evening!😀

  2. Great quiz!
    I got 19/20, knew the missing one was about Mr. Kite, but couldn’t figure out the first word of the song title and thus didn’t get close enough to get credit for it!

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