Music Quiz #7 – Badly Drawn Album Covers


  1. I was doing fine till about the 9th one. I didn’t know it but it wouldn’t let me skip it, just kept counting down. Only option was ‘give up’ which dumped me out of the quiz. How do you say, pass, give me the next one?

  2. Ok. Got it. Fun game. 15/18. One that I missed I should have known, two, no clue.

  3. That was fun. 18/18 with 9:50 left on the clock. For some reason the REM album briefly stumped me or I would have been done sooner.

    • I didn’t think about using the time left as a tie breaker – I guess that’s a good idea on a quiz like this where an 18/18 is pretty feasible. 2 minutes 10 seconds is pretty fast.

  4. Gah! I got 17/18 but only because it wouldn’t give me the KC one. I knew the album! I even tried the alternate title, and just the band name! But it was their debut! Darn you, Sporcle. 😉

  5. Really enjoying these. Addictive site, though!

    Anyhoo, I got 17. Rush stumped me. Gah.

  6. Fun idea. Missed Boston – thought the purple meant Prince!!

  7. Fun quiz, I got 18 this week – fortunately the quiz wasn’t out of 40 this time!
    The LZ one confused me for a bit (as did trying to remember the name of the Dire Straits album) but it worked out in the end.
    I quite like this weekly tradition aphoristical!

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