Music Quiz – Neil Young

It’s certainly been Neil Young week on this blog. Thanks to the kind folk at, the site has been inundated with Neil Young fans.

dj-vu-4f11a25b2b4ecIn honour of Neil Young, this week’s Sporcle Challenge is to identify the 50 Neil Young songs that Mojo Magazine chose as his best. Youcan play at

I scored a credible 36 out of 50 – can you beat it? I’ve dropped in a little visual hint to help you beat my score:

Congratulations to Stephen1001 and Jim S., who both scored 25 out of 25 last week.


  1. I’m afraid I won’t be nailing it this week. Most likely. Don’t get me wrong. I like Neil Young. But I’m not a superfan. I’ll give it a shot later, report back. I gonna bet I’m in the 50 – 60% correct range on this one.

  2. OMG! I thought they were gonna play snippets of each song. Instead they just have a blank column with album names next to it. Pass on this one I’m afraid.

      • And according to Wikipedia:
        Unreleased albums
        1974 – Human Highway
        1974 – Mediterranean
        1975 – Homegrown
        1977 – Chrome Dreams
        1978 – Comes a Time (Solo version)
        1982 – Island in the Sun
        1983 – Old Ways I
        1987 – Meadow Dusk
        1988 – Blue Note Cafe
        1989 – Times Square
        2000 – Toast

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