Sporcle Challenge #1 – Band by Set-list

One of my favourite websites is Sporcle – it’s a quiz website where users can create their own quizzes. I enjoy playing their quizzes at morning tea time at work.

I thought it would be fun to throw out a quiz challenge each week, usually music related, and see if people can better my score.

This week’s quiz is band set-lists – from a picture of the set-list, you need to name the band (or solo artist) who the set-list belongs to.


If you haven’t Sporcled before, here are a few hints:

  • For an individual, the last name is usually accepted as an answer (so if the answer is Engelbert Humperdinck, you only need to type “Humperdinck”).
  • Often the quiz maker will accept abbreviations as an answer – so if the answer is Red Hot Chili Peppers, you can just type “RHCP”.

Good luck! Record your score in the comments.

I scored a strong, but not unassailable, 24 – I struggled with the 1980’s hair metal band – I can never tell them apart….


  1. Fun quiz! I was fortunate to hit 25 this time – it took me a while on the setlist with a bunch of beatle songs, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t accepting the beatles as the answer!
    WOuld have loved to see some of those sets live

  2. Yeah, total crap shoot on that one. I’m glad it was rock bands for the most part. Pretty easy to find at least one song that identified them. If it was majority hip/hop and/or Top 40 I’d be screwed. 😀

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