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An Introduction to Kate Bush

Kate Bush The Dreaming

Revisiting Kate Bush’s catalogue over the past week or so has only increased my appreciation of a fearless and original musician. From 1978’s The Kick Inside to 2011’s 50 Words For Snow, nearly all of her studio albums are well worth hearing, the work of a unique and talented auteur. A talented pianist with a theatrical sense and a four octave voice range, her music takes elements including music hall, Irish folk, and progressive rock into her own unique mix.

The highlight from Bush’s early albums is ‘Wuthering Heights’, which launched her career spectacularly as a 19 year old. The video has inspired Kate Bush day on 16 July each year:

1982’s The Dreaming is full of songs that feel like mini movies, like the intense closer ‘Get Out Of My House’:

1985’s Hounds of Love gained commercial success despite her studio auteur approach and idiosyncrasies, with hits like ‘Running Up That Hill’.

1993’s The Red Shoes is often overlooked, but featured this beautiful song, ‘Moments of Pleasure’, inspired by her mother’s death:

2005’s Aerial was a strong comeback after a 12 year hiatus, with beautiful songs like ‘A Coral Room’:

For more in-depth analysis of Bush’s catalogue, please visit

13 thoughts on “An Introduction to Kate Bush Leave a comment

  1. Nice post. I do love a bit of Kate Bush (even if she has recently come across as such a May supporter).

    Hounds of Love is one of those albums that’s unimpeachable. Side A is the perfect pop album and B is conceptual bliss – And Dream of Sheep is just perfect.

    Oddly enough I think that a week or so before Running Up That Hill dropped some magazine had featured her in the “Where Are They Now?” column.

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    • I hadn’t really heard the May stuff until I just googled it now.

      Hounds of Love is amazingly good. She could leave out amazing tracks like ‘Under The Ivy’ and ‘Burning Bridge’. It was only three years after The Dreaming, so it’s not like a huge gap.


      • No, not a huge gap but The Dreaming didn’t fare so well, as you say in your review, it “failed to generate a hit single or sell many copies”- the one exception being Sat In Your Lap which was released a whole year ahead of the album – so in terms of popularity it had been a fair amount of time (4 years) since her last hit. Still, if you’re gonna make a comeback I don’t think you can do better than with Hounds of Love

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  2. “Never For Ever” has always been my favourite record, with two songs as strong as opener “Babooshka” and ending with “Breathing” how can one not be drawn in to Ms. Bush’s world?

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  3. Thanks for recently checking out my blog. Kate Bush’s music does hold up to many listens so I can well understand your interest in revisiting the albums.
    Enjoying your reviews. Admittedly Sensual World is patchy as you write, but I consider it to have some of her best material. And Deeper Understanding (from same album) is my favorite Kate Bush song.

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    • Lots of people really like The Sensual World – it’s one of the Kate Bush albums on the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die list as well – so I’m probably a minority opinion. Thanks for writing!


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